About UNIV 100

Why apply?

"One of the best things I ever did was apply to teach U100. It gave me connections and a cohort." --Longtime U100 faculty member Mary Riggs, March 2014.


Four U100 faculty members learning about Garbology in 2013.

The deadline to apply was Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cheryl Spector and Kelly Kroeker at the 2013 Freshman Celebration, CSUN. If you would like to teach University 100 during academic year 2014-2015, please review the information on this webpage to ensure that you meet the application criteria. There are two separate pools: one for University 100 (no specialization) and the other for University 100 serving students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Complete information for each pool appears in the Position Announcements available as pdf files on this page. New faculty typically are hired to teach in the fall semester when we have many course sections available. Possible additional assignments may be available in Spring 2015 for Fall 2014 faculty; availability depends on enrollment, budget, and existing entitlements. We will acknowledge all applications by email.

Position announcements and application instructions


(These documents can be viewed online using free Document Viewers.)


All new applicants should follow the Application Process, which is outlined in each announcement.

Note: applicants interested in teaching University 100 in the EOP Transitional/Bridge Programs should contact the EOP Director, José Luis Vargas: jose.luis.vargas@csun.edu

Faculty who are reapplying (including 2013-2014 U100 faculty)

Faculty should reapply if they wish to be considered for the coming year's openings. To reapply, send an email letting me know you would like to be considered, along with an updated resume. Please make sure that you meet this year's listed qualification criteria.Faculty who are reapplying do not need to resend materials that we still have on file (such as letters of recommendation). We keep these documents on file for at least five years. But updates (such as additional experience, professional development, or education) to existing files are always welcome

See Section 700 (the Academic Personnel Policies and Procedures for Temporary Academic Personnel, 2013-2014 Academic Year) for more information about the hiring process.

How to demonstrate Moodle competence

Whether you're a Moodle expert or a real rookie, here are ways you can demonstrate Moodle competence (a minimum qualification in the UNIV 100 position announcement for both pools):

  1. Send me a link to a current or prior CSUN or other Moodle course you have created showing your ability to add users, post forums, and add both links and files. (Make sure you add me--Cheryl--as an observer or non-grading TA in your course so I can actually SEE the site.) OR
  2. Set up a CSUN Moodle "test site" with the same features (forums, links, etc.) and add me as an observer or non-grading TA as above. OR:
  3. Acquire Moodle competence by taking a Moodle class at CSUN with the experts in OV 30, the Faculty Technology Center; after that, you can demonstrate your ability to add users, post furms, and add both links and files. (Make sure you add me--Cheryl--as an observer or non-grading TA in your course so I can actually SEE the site.)

University 100 faculty workshops

University 100 faculty selected to teach in fall 2014 will be invited to participate in a two-hour course update and overview along with the new group of graduate student mentors from the College Counseling option (Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling). Save the date: May 9 (Friday) or May 10 (Saturday) from 10 a.m.-12 noon, by invitation only. Additional UNIV 100-sponsored professional development activities focused on teaching CSUN freshmen will also be available in late spring and throughout the summer of 2014.