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Summer 2014 Freshman Connection

Athletics Summer Success Program

Fall 2014 Freshman Connection

College of Business & Economics

Family & Consumer Sciences

Health Careers (College of Health and Human Development)

Humanities Learning Community

Kinesiology Learning Community

Science & Math

Social & Behavioral Sciences


General questions

About the Freshman Connection

Freshman Connection students at the USU.

What is it?

How does it work?

What is a cohort?

How do cohorts help students succeed?

Who says so?

We have data from Institutional Research to back up our claims. And we also have Nathan's word for it. Nathan was a freshman in the fall 2011 COBAE cohort. Now (March 2013) finishing his second year at CSUN, Nathan says, "I met most of my CSUN friends in the Freshman Connection." Keep reading to find out how having friends in your classes helps you succeed.

What is a learning community?

What can a Freshman Connection learning community do for you as a student?


  1. You can interact with other students and teachers as part of a close-knit, supportive community of learners.
  2. You can work with other students on learning community activities and projects across disciplinary boundaries.
  3. You will experience a variety of teaching and learning approaches, including discussions, projects, field trips, other activities, and lectures.
  4. You'll make friends.
  5. You'll learn collaboratively. (After all, learning is a social and interactive process.)
  6. You'll increase your sense of belonging to the CSUN community.
  7. You'll get to take an active role in learning.
  8. You will be exposed to diverse ways of thinking, teaching, and problem-solving.
  9. You'll get to see teachers as learners.
  10. You'll be more likely to see the connections between disciplines and courses instead of seeing them as separate entities.

What are some benefits for faculty?

  1. Setting up a learning community builds community and often bridges the gaps between otherwise disparate parts of the university.
  2. Participating can renew faculty's commitment to the teaching/learning process.
  3. The learning community allows faculty to engage their disciplines in new ways.
  4. The opportunity to be a learner can expand and improve teaching.
  5. Faculty are motivated when they see increased engagement in their students.
  6. The new approaches faculty develop by participating in a Freshman Connection learning community are transferable: they have positive effects on teaching and learning even in traditional (stand-alone) classes faculty may be teaching.

Who Is Eligible?

Fall 2014

Eligibility for the Fall 2014 Freshman Connection is determined by your major. Look for yours in the list below. Not sure? Ask your advisor for help.

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