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December 3, 2013

Want to transfer to Cal State Northridge from a California community college and earn your bachelor's degree in only 60 more units? You can with the Associate Degree for Transfer program authorized by the Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act (California Senate Bill 1440).

The STAR Act makes it easy to transfer from a California community college to one of the 23 California State University (CSU) campuses.  By earning a verifiable Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) at a community college, you will:

  1. Be guaranteed admission to a CSU when you apply and are admitted to a major program that the CSU campus has “deemed similar”
  2. Enter the CSU with junior standing
  3. Be able to finish your bachelor’s degree in 60 more semester units (or 90 quarter units) as long as the major you’re transferring has been accepted as similar to a major at the CSU campus

Find the AA-T or AS-T degree option that’s right for you on the official website sponsored by the California Community Colleges and the California State University at A Degree with a Guarantee

Before applying to a CSU, visit A Degree with a Guarantee to confirm that your associate degree for transfer program has been accepted for transfer to a major offered by Cal State Northridge or other CSU campus you wish to attend.