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CSUN Mobile App - Enroll in Classes


Enrolling in classes is easy with the CSUN Mobile App 2.0. You can use the app in two ways:   

  • Download the free app called CSUN 
  • Use the web version on a tablet at  

To get the most out of the Enroll in Classes CSUN app module, view the following steps, which touch on registering for co-requisite classes, using a permission number and wait listing for closed classes.

New to CSUN’s registration system? You'll find step-by-step instructions to view registration appointment, add or drop classes and more in the How To Guides.


1. Select Enroll in Classes.

 Mobile App v2 - Home Landing page

2. Sign in with your CSUN user ID and password and follow the prompts until you open Enroll in Classes.

 Mobile App v2 - Login page

3. The Enroll in Classes module displays. Select the desired term.

 Mobile App v2 - Enroll in Classes page

4.  The Fall Semester 2014 Enroll page displays. You can search for classes using two options:

  • Browse Schedule: View all courses offered for the term and choose Subject and Course Number.
  • Add by class number: Quickly find a class section by entering its five-digit number into the Add by class number field. This shortcut bypasses the Class Details page, so use it only if you have already read the course requirements.

Select Browse schedule.

 Mobile App v2 - Class Search

5.  The Class Schedule displays.  Choose the subject you want from the list, for example, BIOL: Biology.

 Mobile App v2 - Class Schedule

6.  A list of Biology courses displays. Select the course you want to add, for example, BIOL 101: General Biology and Lab.  Tip: Use the search bar to look up a word in the course title (e.g., “human”) or the number of units (e.g., “2”).

 Mobile App v2 - Subject List

7. The class sections (BIOL101-01, BIOL101-02, BIOL101-03, etc.) display.  Find an open section that fits your schedule. Tap More details to view prerequisites, co-requisites, special instructions, waitlist capacity, textbooks and more.  

 Mobile App v2 - View Biology sections

8.  The More details page displays. This is the only page that will explain course requirements including: course description, textbook information, requisites, waitlisted seats, consent (permission), class notes, class location, meeting dates and times.

A lecture course like BIOL 101 requires concurrent enrollment in any section of the corresponding lab, BIOL 101L. You'll need to add both classes to your cart BEFORE you may enroll in either.

To add the BIOL 101-03 lecture to your cart, return to the previous page by selecting the “101” breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page.

 Mobile App v2 - Class section details

9. Back in the class section list, select Add this class to advance.

 Mobile App v2 - Add this class

10.  The Select Enrollment Options displays. On this page you can:

  • Select Wait list if the class is full
  • Enter a permission number if required
  • Choose grading option:  Graded or Credit/No Credit. Before selecting CR/NC grading, consult your academic advisor and review the Credit/No Credit Grading Policy.

Choose Next to place the class in your cart.

 Mobile App v2 - Select enrollment preferences

11.  The Enroll in Class home page displays the BIOL 101 lecture in your cart. You are not yet enrolled! You still need to add the co-requisite lab, BIOL 101L, to your cart and submit the two classes together. To select the lab section that you want, use Browse Schedule or Add by class number.

If you already know the lab's five-digit class number, enter it into the Add by class number box and select Add.

 Mobile App v2 - Add to cart

12.  Now select your enrollment options for BIOL 101L.  Then choose Next.


12a.  If the Academic Career page displays, select your student group—undergraduate, graduate or extended education (noncredit). Then choose Next. 

Mobile App v2 - Select Academic Career

13.  The Enroll page confirms that BIOL 101L-04, Class Number 15719, was added to your cart.  The cart now contains both classes.

To finish enrolling, choose Submit Cart.

 Mobile App v2 - Corequisite lab was added to your cart

14. The Statement of Financial Responsibility displays. Review the policies and payment due dates. To continue, select Accept and Register.  

Mobile App v2 - Fee statement

15. The CSUN app will confirm success for your enrollment request or report an error.  

  • If an error message displays, it will help you identify the problem, such as a missing course requisite, schedule time conflict, or a mistyped permission number. This example shows a registration hold that prevents you from enrolling until you've resolved it. You may keep the classes in your cart, resolve the hold and return later to add them.
  • If an error persists, contact the instructor, the department offering the class, or Admissions and Records for assistance.

Select the Monitor icon to return to the Enroll module. 

Mobile App v2 - Registration Results

16. The Enroll in Classes home page indicates that there are two classes in your cart. The classes are not in your schedule yet. After resolving the hold, return to the Enroll module to add the classes to your schedule.

Open your enrollment cart to view the classes.

Mobile App v2 - Classes pending until registration hold error is fixed

17.  Your cart displays. Select Submit Cart.  Next, read and accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility.

Mobile App v2 - Fixed registration hold, resubmitting cart

18.  You are enrolled in BIOL 101 and BIOL 101L. Select the Monitor icon to return to the Enroll in Classes page.

 Mobile App v2 - Cart transaction successful

19. On the Enroll page, select My Classes to view or change your schedule.

 Mobile App v2 - Enroll in Classes page

20.  Select the course you wish to change.

 Mobile App v2 - Drop or Swap Registered Classes

21.   You can drop or swap a class. Please note: You cannot drop a class that requires concurrent enrollment in a co-requisite course for which the 5-digit Class Number has been prescribed on the More details page. You can drop or swap BIOL 101L, however, because the co-requisite lab is any BIOL 101L section.


To return to the Enroll in Classes page, tap the Monitor icon.

  • To use another CSUN module, select Home.
  • To log out, select Home and scroll down to Sign Out.

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