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Academic Resources & Planning logo

Mission Statement



The clients of
Academic Budget Management are:

  • Provost's Council Members
  • Managers of Academic Resources
  • Senior University Managment
    (President's Cabinet)
  • Faculty and Staff in Academic Affairs
  • Students
  • Public/Community


Mission Statement of Academic Resources and Planning

Academic Resources & Planning supports the educational mission of California State University, Northridge by:

  • providing accurate and timely information to policy makers and those who implement policy;
  • providing effective resource management services to our client groups; and,
  • supporting divisional university values goals and objectives

Services of Academic Budget Management include:

  • coordinating divisional budget planning & management;
  • providing accounting services to Academic Affairs Administration;
  • allocating budget within Academic Affairs and ensuring year-end solvency;
  • preparing analyses to support special projects, audits, and initiatives;
  • serving as a liaison between Academic Affairs and other areas in the University for budget and human resources concerns;
  • supporting tenure-track faculty hiring approval process;
  • ensuring fiscal and human resources compliance for the division and
  • providing training and facilitating professional development for those with fiscal and human resource responsibilities in Academic Affairs

At the heart of all our operations is the recognition that
the university exists to serve its students.


  • "extra mile"
  • follow-up/responsiveness
  • develop and maintain collegial relationships
  • communication (clarity, listening, timeliness, feedback)
  • professional quality
  • proactive


  • honesty
  • consistency
  • equity


  • accuracy
  • commitment
  • reliability
  • staff development


  • accept responsibility
  • organizational effectiveness
  • assessment
  • open information
  • professional quality
  • proactive