At the President's Fourth Annual Convocation to the CSUN community, delivered on
August 21, 2003, President Jolene Koester spoke about the significant challenges facing
the University and higher education. One of these trends is the imperative brought on by national
trends and societal forces for universities to become more "learning-centered" institutions.
What these trends will mean for Cal State Northridge, and how the campus community defines
and integrates the values of the learning-centered university, are the subject of a series of dialogues
that commenced spring 2003.

This web site is devoted to this conversation, current (and past events) and includes articles, papers,
and other information related to the subject.

Learning-Centered University

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  Learning-Centered Symposium 10/08/2004
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Exploring the Actions Behind the Words "Learning-Centered Institution"
by Jolene Koester, Harry Hellenbrand, and Terry D. Piper. Wiley InterScience, Volume 10, Issue 4