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The Academic Affairs Web Team brings together experts from several units in the Division to help ensure continuous improvement of the web experience for our students, faculty, and staff.  The Team works collaboratively with clients on (1) business process improvements through specialized web design and development projects and the (2) overall web presence for academic and support areas.  The Team is committed to creating valuable user experiences and provides expertise in design, development, usability, and accessibility to each project. 

Our Structure
Diagram of our structure

ACAFF WEB: Central Academic Affairs Web Team

The Central Academic Affairs Web Team (AcAff Web) was established in 2011 to provide support to colleges and departments in web design and development. An initial charge to the team is the conversion of all college and department websites into a unified web content management system (WCMS). Working with other resources in Academic Affairs and with a steering committee comprised of the leaders of the Pioneering Technology Group (PTG), the Center for Visual Communications (VISCOM), Development of User-Centered Design and Experience (DUDE), and the Universal Design Center (UDC), the central web team provides project management services for both the Academic Affairs WCMS (WebOne) implementation and development of specialized web applications. Team members work closely with department and college web coordinators to ensure project objectives are met.

VISCOM: The Center for Visual Communication

The Center for Visual Communication (VISCOM) was established in 2007 as an on-campus "Think Tank," providing creative services and solutions to on- and off-campus clients. VISCOM combines teaching and research allowing our faculty, students and industry professionals to work together to solve problems and create innovative design solutions.

PTG: Pioneering Technology Group

PTG is staffed by students, faculty, and staff within a learning-centered environment.  Within this learning environment we explore various ways to harness information technology to address the needs of Academic Affairs and the University at large.  Some of our activities include the analysis of technologies, the deployment of novel or emerging computing infrastructures, the integration of computing/information systems, and the develop of custom software/web solutions.

UDC: Universal Design Center

UDC provides advice and guidance regarding universal design principles, Federal and State legislative compliance standards, and CSU policy to create pathways for individuals to learn, communicate, and share via information technology, regardless of their individual learning and processing styles, or physical characteristics. UDC is committed to designing-in interoperability, usability, and accessibility for all users of information technologies.