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Asian American Studies Faculty - Dr. Eunai Shrake

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Dr. Eunai Shrake - Advising Coordinator

Dr. Shrake, smiling.

"Asian American Studies is important because it provides intellectual space to reflect on American society's race/class structure and to (re)think ways to build a more democratic and equitable society."

Dr. Shrake is an associate professor specializing in Asian American education. Before she joined the department in 2002, she taught Asian American Studies and Education courses at UCLA, UCI, CSULB, and CSULA.

Her teaching and research interests focus on Asian American children and youth, Asian American parenting styles, intergenerational cultural conflict, and equity and diversity issues in American education. She also has expertise in Korean American community issues.

Here at CSUN, she teaches ITEP and teacher education courses such as AAS 450: Asian American Child, and AAS 417: Equity and Diversity at Schools. Recently she added to her teaching repertory AAS 100: Introduction to Asian American Studies.

She is faculty advisor to two student groups on campus, the Korean American Student Association (KASA) and "Revivalution."

She is currently revising articles on “Critical Race Theory Approach to Student Resistance,” and "Asian American Resistance To The Teaching Profession." She is also working on editing a textbook for Introduction to AAS course.

Dr. Shrake in her office, photographed in comic book style.



Education, University of California, Los Angeles, 1996


Theology, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX, 1990


Christian Education, Presbyterian College, Seoul, Korea, 1984


Christian Education, Presbyterian College, Seoul, Korea, 1977


Scholarship Highlights

“Homosexuality and Korean American Protestant Churches.” In Masequesmay, Gina & Sean Metzger (eds.), Embodying Asian American Sexualities. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 2009.

Learning English/Learning America: Voices of Latinos and Asian Americans, Book edited with J.Mora, G. Masequesmay, and A. Munoz. Kendall/Hunt, 2008.

“Patterns of Alcohol Use and Attitudes toward Drinking among Chinese and Korean American College Students,” coauthored with J. Chang & S. Rhee, Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, Winter 2008.

"Understanding Resistance Behaviors of Asian American Adolescents."  In Grenell, Rene S. (ed.), coauthored with JP de Guzman, Adolescent Behavior Research Studies. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, 2007.

"Unmasking the Self: Struggling with Model Minority Stereotype and Lotus Blossom Image," in Strangers of the Academy, Li Guofang & Gulbahar Beckett (eds.), Sterling, VA: Stylus, 2005.

"Korean Authoritarian Parenting Style: Is It as Negative as Thought to Be?" Journal of Global Awareness Society International, 6(3), 2005.

"The Effects of Ethnic Identity on Adolescent Problem Behaviors: A Case of Korean American Adolescents," Adolescence, 39 (4), 2004.