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View Textbooks in Class Search

The following page is a one column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

View Textbooks in Class Search

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


Class Search displays textbooks and other materials for the courses listed in the Schedule of Classes. You can view required and recommended materials including title, authors, edition, publisher, International Standards Book Number (ISBN), and the new and used price wherever possible.

Step 1

There are two ways to access SOLAR Class Search from the CSUN home page at www.csun.edu

1. If you have a CSUN account, log into the myNorthridge Portal with your CSUN User ID and Password.

  • Students: Your myNorthridge page displays.In the box My Path to Graduation, click Class Search.
  • Faculty or Staff: Click Class Search in the Student Administration box.

2. If you are a Guest, click the Class Search link from the Quick Links drop down menu.

Screen shot of the CSUN Home Page Quick Links Menu

Image of CSUN home page and QuickLinks menu

Step 2

Class Search displays. Use the pull-down menus to select the desired Term, Session, and Subject (CHEM in this case). Click the Quick Search button.

Then expand the query results to view the CHEM 100 Class Section List.

Class Search results for Chemistry.

Step 3

The CHEM 100 Class Section List displays.

To view books and materials, click the Textbooks icon in the row for the class section you want.

Or, you can click the Detail icon in each row to view complete class information and the Textbooks link.

Chemistry class section list with textbook icons.

Step 4

If you click the Detail icon for a class section, the Textbooks link displays along with complete course information.

Click the Textbooks link, or the icon back on the Class Section List, to open the textbook results window.

One CHEM 100 class section detail and textbook link.

Step 5

The books and any other materials required or recommended for CHEM 100, class section 14997, will display.

The breadcrumbs that list the University > Campus > Session > Term > Subject > Class Number will keep you oriented.

This message indicates that CHEM 100 course materials can be purchased in a bundle or as individual components.

You can print the textbook page or copy and paste the information into another file. Be sure to copy the breadcrumbs for the class number, too.

Close the Textbook window to return to Class Search.

Textbooks page for a CHEM 100 section.

Step 6

Return to the Class Section List to view the textbooks for the lab CHEM 100L, class section 15634.

The textbook message here indicates that no course materials are required for the lab.

Textbook page for a CHEM 100L section.

Step 7

You’ll see a variety of messages in the textbook window for different courses and class sections.

The message “unable to find the specified course” means that the bookstore database cannot locate the course. Possible reasons include:

  1. The Matador Bookstore has not received a textbook order yet.
  2. The department or instructor has not reported that no materials are required.

To confirm whether or not materials are required, contact the department offering the course or the instructor. Have the 5-digit class section number ready.

Textbook page for an Independent Study.

Step 8

Textbooks for a term or semester will display about 4 or 5 weeks before classes begin.

If you look up a class and see the message “Unable to find the requested term” or “To be determined,” check back later.

If you have questions about a message, please contact the Matador Bookstore, (818) 677-2932.

Image of textbook to be determined message.

Step 9

You are free to purchase textbooks from any bookseller you like.

As a convenience, “Buy Textbook” links to the Matador Bookstore display in myNorthridge on the Academics page, as shown in this image.

You can also rent textbooks online from the Matador Bookstore.

If you have questions about textbook ordering or payment, contact the Matador Bookstore, (818) 677-2932.