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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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What is myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center? Together, the myNorthridge portal and the SOLAR Student Center are your one-stop shop to view and manage your academic, financial and personal information.

When you first log in at www.csun.edu with your CSUN User ID and Password, you're in myNorthridge. Here you can view information about your student status, including My Checklist, that changes over time. You'll also see your registration appointment (during enrollment periods), important announcements, current class and final exam schedule, etc. You can personalize some of the page content and graphics.

When you navigate to the SOLAR Student Center, you can update your personal contact information and see your student records in greater detail, including past history. Log into myNorthridge at www.csun.edu with your CSUN User ID and Password. On the Home tab in the Quick Links box, click the SOLAR Student Center icon. See the tutorial Accessing the SOLAR Student Center.

Learn more about myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center with the How To Guides for Students.

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Where can I get instructions to use myNorthridge and SOLAR? For step-by-step, illustrated instructions, see the How To Guides. They walk you through adding and dropping classes, viewing class schedule, using MAP interactive DPR, and more.

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How do I set up my CSUN account and get CSUN email? You need a CSUN User ID and Password to log into myNorthridge portal to use the SOLAR Student Center, CSUN email, self-service registration and other services. To activate your CSUN account, follow the steps provided by the IT Help Center.

CSUN Gmail is an official means of university communication, so check it regularly. To forward your CSUN Gmail to another email box automatically, see www.csun.edu/it/email.

To view your CSUN email, log into myNorthridge or http://my.csun.edu with your CSUN User ID and Password. You can also access CSUN Gmail from inside myNorthridge portal.

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What reports can I obtain using SOLAR? You can run the following reports on SOLAR:

Enrollment Verification – View and print an Enrollment Verification for current and past terms. Log into myNorthridge > Home (tab) > Quick Links > SOLAR Student Center. From the Other Academic pull-down menu, select Enrollment Verification.

My Academic Planner / Degree Progress Report – Use MAP interactive DPR to monitor your progress toward the bachelor's degree and plan courses that will meet degree requirements in future terms. Learn more at Managing Your Degree Progress and the tutorial Navigating to DPR and MAP.

Beginning late spring 2011, graduate students will be able to use DPR.

Unofficial Transcript - View and print your unofficial transcript. Log into myNorthridge > Home (tab) > Quick Links > SOLAR Student Center. Under Academics, click Unofficial Transcript.

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I can log into myNorthridge but not my email. What do I do? Use the same CSUN User ID and Password to log into myNorthridge and CSUN Gmail. Call CSUN’s IT Help Center at (818) 677-1400 or see Help and Support.

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How do I search for classes ? Use Class Search at www.csun.edu/class-search. No login is required, and it’s available before registration begins to students and guests alike.

If you have a CSUN account, you can also log into myNorthridge, select the Academics tab, and in the Quick Links box, click the Search for Classes icon.

During registration periods, you can search for and add classes at the same time in the SOLAR Student Center Enroll in a Class pages.

Learn more with the tutorial Class Search.

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The class I want is closed. What options do I have?

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Is academic advisement required? Think of academic advisement as one of the services you receive as a student. Advisement is mandatory for all first-time freshmen and required at higher class levels for several majors and support programs.

All students should make an appointment for academic advisement through their college or major department before registering for classes each term. If undecided or undeclared, contact the Academic Resource Center/EOP. For more information, see Academic Advisement.

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Can I register before my registration appointment?  You cannot enroll in classes prior to your registration appointment day and time. To view your registration appointment, log into myNorthridge, locate My Checklist (box) and look in the Registration section.

If you are a new CSUN student and eligible to enroll, your registration appointment will also be printed on the Registration Access Mailer that you'll receive only for your first semester at Cal State Northridge.

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I missed my registration appointment. Can I still enroll? Absolutely! You may add classes in SOLAR anytime after your registration appointment has arrived, through the end of Late Registration.  You'll need a permission number to add classes during late registration, but the start date that permission is required depends on the term or semester.  For exact dates, see the Semester Bulletin.

See also Registration Periods.

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My friend and I are both seniors, but she got a different registration date than I did. What gives? Seniors who’ve filed for graduation have priority over those who have not. Registration appointments are prioritized; every student is assigned a time based on class level and other factors.

For more information, see Registration Appointments.

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How do I add or drop a class?

View the tutorial Add a Class.
View the tutorial Drop a Class.

To add or drop after instruction begins, see Change in Academic Schedule after Start of Classes.

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What is "swap classes" and how does it work? Swapping classes is “trading” one class for another without giving up your seat in the original class until your enrollment in the new class is confirmed. When you drop a class and add another separately, you risk not having a seat in either class.

You can swap any two classes (if you meet the prerequisites of the new class) online during the registration periods published in the Semester Bulletin. How? See the tutorial Swap Classes.

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How do I register for summer term classes? Summer registration is on a first-to-arrive basis. Access to registration depends on whether you are a regular CSUN student (i.e., matriculated) or a visitor.

Regular CSUN Students: Obtain your own online appointment to register during the “self-appointment” period. When your appointment arrives, enroll in classes until the published deadlines. When Nonrestrictive Registration begins, no appointment is needed.

Visiting Summer Students: Although you won’t have a registration appointment, you can start enrolling in classes on the first day of Nonrestrictive Registration and thereafter (until the published deadlines)—you don’t need to wait until classes begin.

All students, regular or visiting, need a permission number to enroll in classes after instruction for a summer session begins.

For summer registration dates, policies and guidelines:

Most summer students , see Tseng College Summer Session


Year-round cohort students, see the Summer Cohort Program Bulletin

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How do I add a class using a permission number?

Permission numbers are required to add restricted classes at all times. When instruction for a term begins, permission numbers are required to add all classes according to the following timeline:

Fall and Spring Semesters: Permissions are required to add classes beginning with the second week of instruction, as soon as the wait listing period ends.

—Winter and Summer Terms: Permissions are required to add classes beginning with the first weekday of instruction. (Wait listing is not available in winter and summer terms at this time.)

Obtain a permission number from the instructor or department offering the class you want to add. Log into myNorthridge > Quick Links (box) > Register for Classes. Look up the five-digit Class Number of the course and, on the Enrollment Preferences page, enter the permission number.

View the tutorial Add a Class Using a Permission Number.

For specific registration dates, see the Semester Bulletin.

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School hasn't started yet, but SOLAR is telling me I need a permission number to add this class. What do I do? Some classes are "restricted," meaning that a permission number is required to add the class at all times, even before classes start. In Class Search, restricted classes are marked with "Instructor or Department Consent Required" in the "Consent" column. Contact the academic department offering the course or the instructor to discuss your eligibility and request a permission number to add.

See also Restricted Classes.

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I got a permission number to add a class, but it's not working. What do I do? First, make sure you’ve entered the permission number correctly on SOLAR. If so, then the number may not be working because:

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Can I change my class schedule after I've registered? How about after classes begin? Yes, you can add, drop or swap classes and change the basis of grading anytime after your registration appointment, even if you’ve registered, through the end of the Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment period.

Once classes begin, you may adjust your schedule online through myNorthridge and self-service SOLAR only during the first three weeks of the fall or spring semesters. Enrollments recorded by the end of the third week of instruction are considered official and unalterable.

For more information:

Registration Periods

Registration Calendar

Semester Bulletin

Change in Academic Schedule after Start of Classes (Add and Drop)

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How do I know if I have holds that will block my registration? Log into myNorthridge, locate My Checklist (box), and look in the Incomplete Tasks section. Hover your mouse over the hold message to view details.

Learn more with the tutorial View Holds.

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What is the Measles/Rubella hold?  Why is it preventing me from registering? Students born on or after January 1, 1957 are required to provide proof of immunization for, or immunity against, measles and rubella during their first semester at CSUN. Students age 18 or younger must provide proof of immunization for, or immunity to, Hepatitis B during their second semester. Generally, this information can be found on your high school transcript.

Note: You must clear immunization holds before you can register in future semesters.

To meet the requirements, bring written proof of immunization from a doctor, clinic or school transcript to the Klotz Student Health Center. If written proof is not available, you can receive the immunization(s) at the Health Center. If you cannot take the vaccination for religious, personal or medical reasons, you must sign a waiver. Contact the Health Center at (818) 677-3666.

For more information, see Immunization Requirements.

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I already met with my advisor but have a hold saying I need to meet with my advisor, and now I can't enroll. What do I do? Contact your advising center to verify that the hold will be removed. You may need some follow-up advisement.

Undergraduate Student Advising Centers

Graduate Student Advising Centers

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I have a previously disqualified hold, and now I can't enroll. Why won't it go away? Good news—it’s not the kind of hold that will prevent you from enrolling. However, it is a reminder of disqualification.

Each time you are disqualified, the rules change for re-admission to the University. After the third disqualification, the student must wait 5 years before reapplying to CSUN and taking classes, including those offered through The Tseng College (Extended Learning).

Ask your advisor for guidance. Learn more at Academic Probation and Disqualification.

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My Checklist in myNorthridge says I have missing transcripts when I sent them to CSUN last semester. So why won't the SOLAR registration system let me enroll? Chances are you were enrolled in some classes at the time you submitted the transcripts. If so, then you did not have grades awarded for those in-progress classes, and the transcript you submitted was preliminary.

We need your final grades; otherwise, you’ll get a missing transcript hold placed on your account, which will prevent you from enrolling. If you feel you’ve received the hold in error, call Admissions and Records at (818) 677-3700 or email admissions.records@csun.edu.

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I have advisement holds for the fall semester that are blocking me from enrolling in summer. How can I enroll in summer classes? Enroll through the Summer Appt/Enrollment link in the SOLAR Student Center (not the Enroll in a Class link).

Tutorial: Add a Class - Summer Appointment / Enrollment

For more information, see The Tseng College.

Enrolling in summer classes that are part of a special year-round cohort program?  See the Summer Term Bulletin.

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How do I know if a course has prerequisites? Prerequisites are listed in the current university catalog course descriptions. Prerequisites also display in Class Search. If unsure about your qualifications to enroll in the class, contact your academic advisor.

What is a prerequisite?

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I know I have the right prerequisites to enroll in this class, but it's telling me I don't. Who can help? First, look up the class in Class Search, and click the Detail link to see all the prerequisites.

Your advisor is also a great resource for prerequisites. Contact the advising center for your College to make an appointment ASAP. If you and your advisor don’t resolve the problem, call Admissions and Records at (818) 677-3700, and we can do our best to troubleshoot.

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What are course requisites? If you haven’t met the requisites for a class, you won’t be able to enroll in it.

One kind of requisite is a prerequisite. For example, you can’t take FREN 200 until you’ve completed FREN 102/C or equivalent.

In addition to courses, requisites can be conditions such as class level, a specific exam score, a specified passing grade, etc. For example, enrolling in CHEM 101/L requires a satisfactory score on the Chemistry Placement Test or a grade of C or higher in CHEM 100 taken at CSUN only.

Check the requisites in the course description and notes when registering for a class. To view them online, go to SOLAR Class Search, look up the course and class section, and click the Detail link. The requisites will display in the “Course Information” and “Notes” boxes.

For more information, see Troubleshooting > Course Requisites.

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How many units can I take? During the Registration-by-Appointment period, undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing may enroll in a maximum of 13 units. During Nonrestrictive Registration, students in good academic standing may enroll in additional units up to the maximum number allowed for the term or semester. Please see Academic Load Regulations.

After classes begin—during Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment—the maximum unit load allowed during Nonrestrictive Registration continues. Please see Academic Load Regulations.

At all times, the limit for undergraduate students on academic probation and those readmitted on an Academic Performance Agreement is 13 units.

For exceptions and Extra Unit Authorization Form, see Academic Load Regulations.

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What about enrolling for a Credit/No Credit grade? Undergraduate students not on probation may elect the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading option for some classes. Caution: Before choosing the CR/NC option, consult your academic advisor or review the CR/NC grading policy.

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Will SOLAR let me register in classes with overlapping times? It is the policy of CSUN that no student shall be permitted to enroll simultaneously in any two or more classes meeting during the same time period even if they overlap by only one minute. Students are advised to enroll in an alternate section that does not conflict with their current schedule.

For policy exceptions and procedures, see Time Conflicts.

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When can I repeat a course? You may repeat a course previously taken at CSUN starting with the Thursday before fall or spring instruction begins. For specific dates, see the Semester Bulletin.

During the fall and spring semesters, a permission number is required to enroll in all classes beginning with the second week of instruction after wait listing has ended.

Before deciding to repeat a course, consult your academic advisor and review the Repeat Policy.

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I repeated a course to improve my GPA, and now my DPR says "excess" instead of giving me a grade. What's happening? "Excess" can mean different things depending on your situation. The best way to inquire about a repeated course on your DPR is to send Admissions and Records a DPR Review Request.

Note: Please do not submit a DPR Review Request if you have received a DPR Graduation Evaluation or if you have questions about major requirements. Instead, contact the Graduation Evaluations Office at the phone number provided on the DPR Graduation Evaluation, or consult your academic advisor about major requirements.

For questions about DPR placement of courses in your major, contact your academic advisor.

For GE course placement, complete a Transfer GE Information Request.

Before repeating a course, check with your academic advisor. For more information, see:

Repeat Policy

Undergraduate Policy on Repeating Courses

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When do I take my final exams? Students can view and print their final exam schedule for the current semester online. Log into myNorthridge > Academics (tab) > My Current Classes (box).

Re-check your final exam schedule a few weeks before finals and confirm the time and location with your professors.

Note: If the final for a class does not display, ask your instructor or the department offering the course. The dates of finals week are published in the Registration Guide at Final Examination Schedules, in the Semester Bulletin and the Registration Calendar.

Learn more with the tutorial View Final Exam Schedule.

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What is the difference between admission and enrollment? Admission means you’ve been accepted to CSUN. Enrollment means you’ve actually registered in classes for the academic term to which you were admitted. Your first enrollment action activates you for the term. If you do not enroll for the term to which you were admitted but decide to enroll in a later term, you must reapply for admission to CSUN.

Once you register, you may add, drop, or swap classes during the registration periods. Your due date for tuition and other fees payment is based on the date you first register. If you get disenrolled (i.e., your classes are dropped) for non-payment, you must clear any financial holds with Student Accounting prior to re-registering.

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Do I need a CSUN photo ID card? Yes. A CSUN photo ID is required for all students and is the official form of campus identification. Your card provides access to student services and other benefits. Learn more at CSUN Photo ID.

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I have questions about money matters. Where do I get answers? The central website for student financial information (tuition and other fees, payment due dates, refunds, etc.) is University Cash Services.

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A class I enrolled in has disappeared from my schedule. What happened? A class missing from your schedule on SOLAR may have been cancelled. Normally, the department will email you when a class is cancelled.

To confirm that the class has been cancelled, log into myNorthridge > Academics (tab) > Quick Links (box) > Search for Classes (icon). Look up the missing course. On the Search Results page, click the Detail icon. The Class Status field should display "Cancelled.”

You can also contact the department to confirm the class was cancelled.

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When can I wait list for classes? At this time wait listing is available for the fall and spring semesters only. Wait listing begins with the start of Nonrestrictive Registration and extends through the first week of instruction. For exact dates, see the Semester Bulletin.

How do I wait list for classes? It's similar to adding a class. Log into myNorthridge, select Enroll in a Class, and look up the closed class section(s) you want to wait list for. On the class Enrollment Preferences page, check the "wait list if class is full" box. Learn more at Wait List for Closed Classes.

Is there a limit to the number of units I can wait list for? Yes. You can wait list for a maximum of 10 units, so use wait listing wisely. Please note that the wait list process will not enroll you in a class you're otherwise eligible for if doing so will exceed your academic unit load for the term or semester.

How can I tell when I'm successfully wait listed in SOLAR? You'll know that your wait list request is successful when:

You are NOT on the wait list when:

For a picture of the View Results page, see the guide Wait List for Closed Classes, Step 10.

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Will I be notified when my wait list status changes? Yes. When a seat opens up for your position in the wait list, you will receive an email to your CSUN account either confirming enrollment or indicating a problem occurred when the wait list process attempted to enroll you and you were not enrolled. Emails are sent at the end of each day.

You can also check your class schedule online at any time. If you are auto-enrolled, the class will display under "My Current Classes" on the Academics tab in myNorthridge.

You can check your wait list position number anytime during the wait list period (i.e., during Nonrestrictive Registration and the first week of instruction) in the SOLAR Student Center using the"View My Class Schedule" link. Learn more at View My Class Schedule.

Can I wait list for multiple sections of the same course? Yes, up to the maximum of 10 wait listed units.

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Can I wait list in another section of a course for which I am already enrolled? Yes, but you will not be enrolled when a seat becomes available. You can either drop the section you're enrolled in and wait list yourself for a different section in the hope that a seat becomes available, or you can remain enrolled in the section that already exists in your schedule.

Choose wisely! Be sure to enroll in enough units to maintain your full- or part-time student status if needed. Reducing the number of enrolled units may affect your eligibility for financial aid, campus housing, international student status, etc. See Information Regarding Change in Program or Schedule.

If I wait list in two (or more) sections of a course and then I am subsequently enrolled in one of the sections by the wait list process, will I be dropped from the wait list of those other sections? Yes, once you are enrolled in any section of a course—no matter if you added the class yourself, swapped into it, or were auto-enrolled from a wait list—you'll be automatically dropped from the wait list of all other sections of that same class.

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Can I wait list for a restricted course? Yes, but only if you obtain a permission number from the department or instructor first. If a seat opens in the class and you meet all enrollment requirements, you will be auto-enrolled without further action on your part.

Does the wait list process check requisites? Yes. You can wait list for a class when you've met its prerequisites before you wait list or enroll. You cannot wait list for a class that is a corequisite of another class (e.g., a lecture and a lab that must be taken concurrently).

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Can I wait list for a class that has a time conflict with a class I'm already enrolled in? Yes, but you will not be moved from wait listed to enrolled status until you clear the conflict from your schedule.

You can either drop a class in which you're already enrolled and wait list for the class that created the time conflict in the hope that a seat becomes available, or you can remain enrolled in the class that already exists in your schedule.

Choose wisely! Be sure to enroll in enough units to maintain your full- or part-time student status if needed. Reducing the number of enrolled units may affect your eligibility for financial aid, campus housing, international student status, etc. See Information Regarding Change in Program or Schedule.

Can I wait list for a class I want to repeat? Yes, but you will not be moved from the wait list until the designated time period when enrollment in repeated courses is allowed. See Repeat Policy and Dates.

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Wait list is available, but the wait list check box is missing when I look up the class. Why? There are two possible answers:

  1. When the wait list capacity is full, the wait list option does not display. Try again later or choose a different class section.
  2. Did you check the "Wait list if class is full" check box? It only displays on the Enrollment Preferences page. View a picture of this page in the guide Wait List for Closed Classes, Step 7.

Why is the class closed when it has available seats? Give it some time. When the wait list process enrolls the next eligible student ranked highest on the list into the class, the status of available seats will be updated. Your wait list position number will also improve.

Will I have to pay tuition fees for wait listed classes? No. However, when your wait listed status changes to enrolled and your additional units result in higher tuition fees, you will be charged. You are responsible for paying fees by the due date in the fee payment schedule. You will receive an email notice that you are enrolled from a wait list, so check your student account information immediately to avoid disenrollment from some or all of your classes for non-payment of fees.

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What happens if the wait list process enrolls me in a class, but I decide not to attend? If you are moved from the wait list into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class (as you would any enrolled class) if you decide not to attend. Failure to officially withdraw will result in a “WU” grade, which counts as an “F” when calculating your GPA. See Student Initiated Withdrawals.

Can Open University students wait list for classes?  Wait list is not available to Open University students at this time. However, they may request the department or instructor's permission to add using a permission number beginning with the first day of classes. Because wait listing continues during the first week of instruction, the instructor may give enrollment priority to wait-listed students at his/her discretion. Beginning with the second week of classes, all students require permission to add.  Learn more at Tseng College–Open University.

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