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Top 10 Graduation Roadblocks

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Top 10 Graduation Roadblocks

Avoid the top 10 reasons that students are not awarded their bachelor’s degree on time:

  1. Did not complete all major requirements
  2. Did not pass the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam
  3. Did not complete the minimum number of units required for graduation
  4. Did not resolve Grade Point Average (GPA) issue:
    • Upper division major GPA was less than 2.00
    • CSUN GPA was less than 2.00
    • Cumulative GPA was less than 2.00
  5. Missing grades, including Incompletes that were not changed to a final grade
  6. Did not complete Title 5 requirements in American History and Government
  7. Did not complete an upper or lower division General Education requirement
  8. Did not submit transcripts for missing degree requirements
  9. Did not submit approved substitution/waiver forms
  10. Did not complete minor requirements

Degree Planning Tools

Here are the tools that can help you avoid roadblocks to graduation:


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