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University Honors at Graduation

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University Honors at Graduation

University Honors at Graduation are awarded to students in recognition of their academic achievement. Three University Honors can be conferred to bachelor’s degree candidates at graduation:

  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Magna Cum Laude, and
  • Cum Laude.

The level of honors awarded is based on the degree candidate’s cumulative grade point average (GPA), which includes all undergraduate coursework both transferred to and completed at CSUN. The following table lists the three University Honors and their respective, required GPA ranges:

University Honor Required GPA
Summa Cum Laude 3.90 or above
Magna Cum Laude 3.75 to 3.89
Cum Laude 3.50 to 3.74

If University Honors are awarded when the degree is granted, honors will be reflected on both the transcript and the diploma.

Criteria for University Honors:

To be considered as a recipient of University Honors at Graduation, all bachelor’s degree candidates must:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 units of coursework in letter-graded courses at CSUN
  • Earn a minimum grade point average of 3.50 or above in all coursework taken at CSUN
  • Earn a minimum grade point average of 3.50 or above in all undergraduate courses, including transfer work (cumulative).
Attention Second Bachelor’s Degree Candidates:

To qualify for University Honors, you must earn a minimum GPA of 3.50 or above in all undergraduate and post baccalaureate coursework, including transfer work (cumulative).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Am I a University Honors Candidate?

    A student who has met the Honors criteria when the graduation evaluation is completed will be designated an "Honors Candidate." The student will be listed as an Honors Candidate in the Commencement Program. S/he is also eligible to purchase the Honors Medallion at the Matador Bookstore.

    Please note that candidacy for University Honors does not guarantee that honors will be awarded when the degree is conferred. Conversely, a student who did not meet the Honors criteria when the graduation evaluation was conducted may still be awarded University Honors if the Honors criteria are met when the degree is later conferred.
  2. What is Honors Convocation?

    Honors Convocation is the annual ceremony to recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree candidates. It is distinct from University Honors.

    Candidates may be invited to the Honors Convocation for both scholastic and personal achievement. An invitation to participate in the Honors Convocation Ceremony does not automatically guarantee eligibility for University Honors.

    To view the criteria for Honors Convocation participation, visit www.csun.edu/commencement/honors