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Transfer Course Information

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Managing Your Educational Progress

Transfer Course Information

Attention CSUN Students:

You may want to take a course at another accredited institution to fulfill GE or lower-division major requirements.

Only 70 units from a community college can be applied to the total units toward a CSUN degree. If you take a community college course past the 70-unit limit, the class can meet a course requirement and will become part of your cumulative GPA, but no additional units will be earned toward the minimum number of units required to graduate.

Transferring General Education (GE) Courses to CSUN:

Transferring Major Requirements to CSUN:

Course Repeat Policy

University requirements state that if you want to repeat a course to improve your CSUN GPA, you need to retake that course at CSUN. If you repeat the course at another institution, the CSUN grade will not be forgiven.

If you have passed a course at CSUN and repeat that same course at another institution, you cannot receive credit for the transfer course.

Learn more at: Repeat Policy