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My Plan to Graduate (MPG)

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Managing Your Educational Progress

My Plan to Graduate (MPG)

What is My Plan to Graduate?

My Plan to Graduate is an interactive planning tool that provides undergraduate students with a clear path to meet their graduation goals.

My Plan to Graduate uses your existing Degree Progress Report (DPR) to produce an academic Roadmap from which you can:

My Plan to Graduate has two main components: the Roadmap and the Plan.

My Plan to Graduate Online

Log into myNorthridge from the CSUN home page with your CSUN User ID and Password. From the Home tab, find the Academics Quick Links box and click the Degree Planning Tools icon. The Degree Planning Tools light box displays. Select the My Plan to Graduate option.

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Questions and Contacts

Please see the appropriate office, person or website below for assistance. For questions about:

*When you apply for graduation, you will receive a special DPR audit in PDF that is clearly labeled Graduation Evaluation. It is an audit of whether or not you have met all degree requirements, and it lists any remaining requirements for degree completion.

How To Guides

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