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Masters Admissions Criteria

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Graduate Student Admission Criteria


Graduate Studies at Cal State Northridge

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) offers over 50 master's degree programs and 2 doctoral programs. To get started with the admissions process, review the eligibility requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements - Master's Programs

To be admitted to CSUN as a graduate student in a master's program, applicants must meet 1 of the 3 requirements shown below:

The applications of students who meet University requirements for admission and who desire admission to a master's program will be reviewed in the appropriate academic department. The department will then determine whether or not the student meets requirements for admission to its program. SOME DEPARTMENTS MAY REQUIRE A SEPARATE DEPARTMENTAL APPLICATION.

For departmental application requirements and deadlines, contact the department of interest listed at Graduate Programs.

Students who meet both departmental and University requirements will be admitted as either Conditionally Classified or Classified graduate students.

Conditionally Classified or Classified graduate students may enroll in 500 and 600-level courses although in some programs enrollment is limited to the Classified student. Graduate students must follow a specific course of instruction identified to them by the department Graduate Coordinator and described for the individual department in the Courses of Study section of the current University Catalog.

Eligibility Requirements - Doctoral Programs

To apply to a CSUN doctoral program, begin by reviewing admission eligibility requirements on the specific program website. Complete the online application in CSU Mentor only after you have been accepted to the doctoral program. Learn more at:

How to Apply


First, check application deadlines and program status (open, closed or exceptions) in the CSUN Admissions Calendar.

Then take the next step for your applicant group:

CSUN Graduate Program Resources