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Admitted to CSUN: Second BA or BS Student

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Admitted to CSUN: Second BA or BS Student

Congratulations and welcome to California State University, Northridge!



Email is an official means of communication at California State University, Northridge. It is your responsibility as a student to monitor your university Gmail account or miss important information about enrollment status, registration, tuition and other fees, financial aid and more. To forward your CSUN Gmail to another email account, log into Gmail and select Settings. Learn more at Email.

Steps to Enrollment

Important! If you do not enroll in classes and attend beyond the 20th day of instruction for the semester to which you were provisionally admitted, you will need to reapply for admission to the University to enroll in subsequent semesters. Take these steps to enroll:

  1. Get Academic Advisement. Advisement is recommended as part of the registration process. Some majors require it; this requirement will appear on your paper Registration Access Mailer and online in My Checklist. Make an advisement appointment by contacting the department of your major, listed at Academic Programs.
  2. Watch for Your Registration Appointment. It appears in the Registration Access Mailer and in My Checklist. Look for any registration holds and clear them before registering.
  3. Register for Classes. The myNorthridge Portal Login on the CSUN home page at www.csun.edu is your gateway to self service. Use myNorthridge to enroll in classes, pay tuition and other fees, check financial aid status, view class schedule and grades, and print an unofficial transcript.
  4. Meet Test Requirements. Plan to take the English Upper Division Writing Proficiency Examination (UDWPE) during your first semester of enrollment.
  5. Apply for Housing. Students who choose to live on campus at Cal State Northridge will find modern, spacious apartment-style living.
  6. Meet Immunization Requirements. If you were born on or after January 1, 1957, you must present proof of immunization for or immunity to measles and rubella during your first semester at CSUN. If 18 or younger, provide proof of immunization for or immunity to Hepatitis B by the end of your second semester.
  7. Send Required Transcripts. If you are currently enrolled in classes at a college or university, you will need to have your current college send a final official transcript. If the current college or university is your degree school, have the final official transcript sent when the degree has been posted. Your final transcript will be used to verify that all coursework and the degree you indicated as work in progress have been completed.

    To view missing transcripts and other incomplete tasks, log into myNorthridge, locate My Checklist, and look for the Incomplete Tasks section.  Learn more at My (Admissions) Checklist.
Send required transcripts to:
CSUN - Office of Admissions and Records, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8207