Intercultural Communication:
Variable Topics in Communication Studies (Online)

Class U7060 - Winter 2009

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Intercultural Communication - Winter, 2009

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This class will be taught in the Winter Quarter @ UCLA Extension...
from January 17th to March 31, 2009.

Much of this class is set up for you to work on your own time asynchronously, although we will meet on some Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. (refer to Class Schedule for exact dates and times). The rest of the time, you will engage in doing asynchronous work for the class (meaning on your own time) which will include posting to discussion boards, doing research online, and other home work.

Basic Information for taking this as an online class.
Responsibilities for this class

These are the two main links you will need to access through the course. Bookmark them. Links to various assignments are accessible through the Schedule Link

Syllabus Link
Schedule Link



1. Please visit and download again the schedule and syllabus on the 1st day of class. They are only considered to be in their FINAL version at this time.

2. Videos: When you watch the videos for this class, please take notes. There is no discussion board to specifically discuss the videos. However, they will come up in the online class discussion as well as on the test. You can also weave them into your posts on the discussion boards for those weeks.

4. Blackboard: Please login to WebCT at the times noted on the Class Schedule for our online chats: UCLA Extension Blackboard Link

Once you're in this class website, click on the "Class Chatroom" icon or link . From there you will enter the "Class Chatroom" to participate in the online class chat sessions. Please "unblock" popups in order to allow the class chatroom tool to load properly.

Note: Please make sure that your computer is able to read "JAVA" - It is necessary for you to be able to get into the class CHATROOM. If you do not have Java, you can download it for free at this website:

Contact Information for the class instructor

Dr. Sheena Malhotra
Work phone: 818-677-7217
Office Location: Jerome Richfield 340
Sheena's Homepage: