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Advisement season is upon us! Check out letter from chair HERE.

Walk-in tutoring is available most days of the week. Also, you can email the tutors: Fall 2013 tutoring schedule HERE.

Spotlight on Student Research

Angelica Zavala Lopez Angelica Zavala Lopez is studying the effect of a warming climate on flatworms in Carpinteria Salt Marsh. Her flatworms are parasites with a complex life cycle moving from snail hosts to fish hosts to bird hosts and back to snails. Angelica has found that a little bit of warming makes the parasite emerge from the snail faster than normal but more warming tends to halt emergence. After the parasites have emerged and are free-living, their survival is also temperature dependent, with an intermediate optimal temperature bracketed by temperatures that are too cool or too hot. Finally, the probability that a parasite will be able to infect a fish is also temperature dependent. Angelica is studying three species of flatworms. She hypothesizes that the three have different responses to temperature, so if the salt marsh warms, the composition of the parasite community will change correspondingly ... archives of Spotlight

Field Courses

Field Research Picture

CSUN offers many field courses in marine and terrestrial environments providing opportunities for hands-on research experience... details...